July 27, 2011

Dive Into The Ocean

Numero Tokyo 1

Hopefully this under water editorial from Numero Tokyo 2008 shot by Alix Malka will cool you down from feeling like you’re in an easy bake oven today. These pictures are more than 2 years old but it's still my favorite underwater editorial. Maybe it's the colors, or maybe it's because the model look like some delicious sea creature that end up as sashimi on sushi boats. Yum.

Whatever the case, I dream of jumping into a pool like that right now- except the pool is filled with orange jello instead of water and I would have to eat my way out. I also dream about having an ostrich as transportation often but let's be realistic here.

Numero Tokyo 2

Numero Tokyo 3

Numero Tokyo 6

Numero Tokyo 4

Numero Tokyo 5

Note: Yes, I did get a new header! Thanks to the talented Angie of Demu Blog who drew it for me!