July 5, 2011

Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour 2011 In Ottawa

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Babysitters in Ottawa got a night off this last Sunday when Katy Perry was in town, because all the toddlers seemed to be at her "California Dreams" concert in Scotiabank. I should have brought a pack of Lunchables to have with the over priced cotton candy. But unfortunately my parents don’t give me allowance anymore, so I was just a too-tall loser toddler who blocked others' view.

It was impressive enough that Katy filled an arena with 16,000 people but she also delivered an entertaining show with acrobats, mines, dancers, fireworks, smoke bubbles that smelled like cotton candy. At one point Katy even got on a floating cloud and performed on top of the floor crowd.

Katy has been in the industry long enough to build a list of songs where everyone can sing along. There was an incredible amount of energy when she sang “I Kissed A Girl” and “Fireworks”. The singer also had numerous outfit changes. While performing “Hot And Cold” Katy changed about 6 times on stage in just seconds. It almost seemed like a magic show.

Throughout the night, Katy charmed Ottawa with her unique sense of humor and even invited fans on stage. At the end Katy sprayed the floor with foam and sitting in the 6th row from the stage, Angie and I were covered in confetti and foam, and left very satisfied.

The show had a Vegas worthy production. I’m not the biggest fan of Katy’s music but her show was one of the best I’ve been and her charm won me over.

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