July 11, 2011

Value Village: A Silent Gold Mine For Fashion Lovers

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Growing up my parents constantly cheap out on my clothes while everyone wore labels. I still blame them for my traumatic 8th grade when they enrolled me into a pretentious private school with sneakers from Zellers and Walmart shirts- at that point they should have just rename me to "Bertha", enroll me in a math camp and let me be a virgin for life. But I suppose what doesn't kill you make your blog bitchier.

Now that I am older I find myself in thrift stores more frequent. I still love designer items but I also appreciate thrifting a lot more. I am fortunate to be learning from one of my favorite Ottawa fashion blogger Justyna of Chichichic, who is also a stylist that knows what to pick at thrift stores to look unique and glam. Below are some thrifted outfits from some of my favourite bloggers and I:

IMG_8301 logo
Love K with thrifted dress and clutch

IMG_7940 logo
Chichichic with thrifted pants

IMG_8363 logo
Me with thrifted shorts and shaw

Value Village is a second hand discounted store, and also a silent gold mine with one of a kind items. Below are some outfits Justyna put together for her A-Channel "Value Village" TV segment in which she demonstrated that you can look completely fab and not run your wallet dry.

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