August 24, 2011

Babylon: The OIFF Music Video Challenge

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Sunday night was the Ottawa International Film Festival (OIFF) Music Video challenge at Babylon Nightclub. The purpose was to bring local filmmakers and musicians together. The groups collaborate to make a music video with their choice of music and content. At the Video Challange, the top 13 music videos were presented and a winning team was chosen.

It was a fun night watching a variety of videos from rock to hip-hop. As well, it was interesting that the crowd consist all sorts of people from fine art to death metal fans. People dressed from hippy to studs and Metallica shirts were all having a good time mingling. It was really great to see!

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Found a leopard couch there, I love leopard so I had to take a picture with it

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Nina, the founder of OIFF and friends

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Lina and I, she was so sweet!

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In case you want to know what I look like when I'm on a food prowl ;)