August 16, 2011

DIY: Kimono Cardigan

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Kimono Cardigans are everywhere this summer. They're comfortable, breezy and pretty much go with everything. It was because of the Zara kimono cardigans that inspired me to make my own.

My dad got me this silk robe from a second hand store in Kyoto, Japan a few years ago that I thought would make a great Kimono cardigan. It also has such a pretty print that it'd be a shame to just wear it around the house only for Turbo to see!

DIY Kimono before
Before my DIY alteration, the robe almost go down to my kneecaps.

To convert the robe to a cardigan, I cut about 5 inches from the length and cut off the loops for the robe's tie. And that's it!

DIY Zara Kimono
Make sure you use lots of pins! Silk likes to slide.

Here is the final result. I've been wearing it to everything lately. The cardigan feels so comfortable and totally work appropriate- even though it was originally a house robe ;)

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a close up of my vintage bag, I love the design on this one