August 2, 2011

DIY: Lanvin Ellipse Strand Inspired Necklace

lanvin DIY 06

I'm a necklace girl and I love pearls. Those are the reasons the Lanvin Ellipse Strand Necklace scream out to me. The necklace is versatile and it can be worn with a pretty dress or jeans and a blazer... But to spend $485 on it is out of the question so I decided to DIY!

The Lanvin Ellipse Strand Necklace, $485 at Ssense

To start you will need a ribbon about two arms length long (I decided to make my necklace black, just personal preference), sew a thread about an arms length long on the ribbon and tie a knot on top of it to hide the thread. Alternate sewing pearls and sewing the ribbon.

Lanvin DIY 01

Vary the ribbon fold by the width or your ribbon fold pattern. Don't worry about making your folds perfect, you want the ribbon folds to look somewhat messy.

lanvin DIY 02

Alternate threading 1 pearl and 2 pearls between each ribbon fold to vary it up.

lanvin DIY 03

After the necklace is long enough for you, sew the other end of the thread to the ribbon and tie a knot on the opposite side. And you're done!

The DIY Lanvin necklace cost around $8 because I used Swarovsky pearls. If I was to use regular pearls the necklace would cost less than $5. What a steal huh?! :)

lanvin DIY 04

lanvin DIY 05