August 31, 2011

DIY: Party Coasters

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Here is an easy DIY for party coasters. I needed a set of inexpensive coasters for my house gatherings. They had to be inexpensive as things get messy after everyone has a few. So I skimmed the cost, like when you still eat your bake goods after their expiry date… As long as you don't see mold it's still good! No?

I printed a few of my favorite pictures and then added the white border in. I wanted the coasters to look like a set so all of the pictures are from Alice in Wonderland. These were printed on photo paper and were laminated them at a printing store.

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The coasters after getting them laminated

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The teacups are from Love K, her teacup collection puts mine to shame!

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Close up of the teacups, and a lovely card from Amanda