August 26, 2011

Lookbook: Convenience Factor

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These pictures were taken by Justyna and she commented “Before I knew you I thought you lived on a farm because of your lookbook pictures”. So as fyi, I live in the city but there’s a farm close to my place so the convenience factor is huge.

Back in high school I decided to have a crush on my neighbor because of the convenience factor. He was sort of cute even though he was snooze-worthy but back then things were limited as I couldn't drive yet. And it turned out that he had a crush on his other neighbor so I was the convenience factor reject! (Which is so much worst than regular reject!) Awful! Right?! So till this day I still give his house the stink eye out of formality when I visit my hometown.

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Skirt: Forever 21
Leather belt: Vintage
Hat: market in Cambodia