August 29, 2011

MTV VMA 2011: Adele And Her Beloved Voice


While Nicki Minaj wore a dress from Gaga's 2009 clearance bin, Adele looked beautiful in her signature black dress and had a great performance. I can't get over her incredible voice!

It was also nice to see Britney Spears at an award show after all these years and she looked fantastic. Mind you, she might have been heavily sedated and in her head all you hear is "Daddy says if I behave I get Starbucks and Cheet-ohs! Wee!" but if that's what it takes to get a job done...

Here are some other pretty and interesting dresses from the VMA to start off your week with Selena Gomez, Beyonce with her baby bump, Demi Kardashian Lovato, Victoria Justice, Crystal Reed, and Louise Roe.

Pictures from Getty, Wire