August 25, 2011

Olivia Palermo Goes Boho


Love her or not on MTV’s “The City”, there is no doubt that Olivia Palermo is stunning in these Style Caster pictures shot by Seiji Fulimori. Olivia pulled off the Nicole Ritchie boho and Penelope Cruz maneater look well in these- I’ll take 2 of whatever she’s promoting!

This is different as usually when there’s Olivia Palermo there’s also some “ugggh” fiesta involved as they portray her the villain on the show. My brain also melt into a pot of Whitney Port fondue after… And yet I watched it till the very end when MTV unplugged the sleep walking NYC Whitney by canceling the show, in which later she was heard saying “Unfortunately, no one can be told what The City is. You have to see it for yourself… And there is no spoon”.