August 11, 2011

Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj For MAC Viva Glam 2012


According to MTV, Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj will be the new rep for MAC Viva Glam starting February 2012. It’s kind of nice that Ricky Martin made a comeback from publically declaring that he’s gay rather than us baring a sequel to Livin’ La Vida Loca. You don’t know how many arguments I’ve had with my dad over his sexuality. I told my dad I know Ricky is straight and he just dance like a Latino but my dad said otherwise. Even our Portuguese gardener yelled at me with “NO NO MULHER RICKY E HOMOSEXUAL!” and I still thought he was as straight as Lance Bass!

I can already picture Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj on Viva La Glam with Ricky’s waxy chest covered in glitter like My Little Pony Rainbow Dash and Nicki’s typical face that you make when you just smelled a road kill skunk. It’s going to be good.

Meanwhile here are some previous fab Viva Glam ads with Pamela Anderson, Boy George, Eve, Fergie, Christina Aguilera at her Xtina phase, and Gaga.