September 13, 2011

DIY: Free People Inspired Key Ring

Birds of a feather flock together? Perhaps, but I do think feathers and metal flock together- or "go" together" actually. When I saw this Free People necklace an “oooh” immediately came out of my mouth. So I decided to make a DIY for it.

Free People key ring at

Here are the items you need for the DIY. I got the feathers and the metal clip from the dollar store.

Cut the chain in different lengths. Put a 3-4 strands through a jump ring and make 3 of them. You can always make more if you like, this is just personal preference.

Cut the feathers in different lengths and trim the ends. Then layer them (longer ones under the shorter ones) and crimp the crimp bead and feathers together with a crimper.

 Get a charm and add a jump ring to it.

Below is what it looks like after you assemble it all together. Have fun!

The size is perfect for my Coach clutch!