September 28, 2011

DIY: Moschino Dress To Top

A few weeks ago Justyna from chameleonic had a closet cleaning party. One of the items I picked up was this beautiful vintage Moschino dress which she was going to donate- blasphemous!

Okay so the top is full of frilly bow goodness, but the bottom is... Holy Crotch Puff! It's like whoever designed it started drinking and by the time they got to the bottom portion the booze kicked in, they passed out, woke up the next day, went "oh crap" and scribbled down whatever and dropped it off in the drop box. Well, that's my speculation base on my university life.

 Before the alternation

As it is vintage Moschino, I was determined to make it work. So I cut the bottom portion of the dress and made it into a top. Ta da! As much as I like to enhence my lovely lady parts... I think the final looks better than the original. Don't you agree?

 After the alteration, pics taken by Justyna

{Wearing Moschino DIY Dress, Rock & Republic Jeans, Kenneth Cole Heels}