September 4, 2011

Fall Inspirations from EgoCloset

With the weather getting colder it's the perfect excuse to start shopping… but really, if you want something you’ll buy it regardless. Like how I justified a sweater purchase last week because Turbo chewed through my screen door- Well, it was traumatic! It’s gonna cost me like, 50 bucks to get that replaced so I need a new comfort sweater…

I've been spending some time on EgoCloset, an online store base from Canada checking out their goods as they have cheap shipping for us Canadians. Here are some of my picks    

Interesting bottoms. If you want random ladies to compliment your outfit but get weird looks from guys then unique pattern pants and tights is the way to go. But you know what, it’s harder to win over women then men. So always go with interesting pants and skirts.

Prints. Prints are fun whether it's tribal, floral or birds. Compliment your inner warrior or princess once in a while instead of just leaving it to singing along to Taylor Swift songs when you’re alone in your car (I know you do, that’s ok, cuz I do too). It can be interesting with basic accessories and a cool pair of wedges.

Sheer tops. So back to dressing for a prowl if you didn’t like the bottoms idea. You can pretty much wear these puppies to work with a tank then wear them straight to a bar after. Two in one- the convenience factor is huge in this one!

Hope you had a great time oogling over these items and have a great Sunday night!