September 6, 2011

Lookbook: Boots On (With Cougar Pillow Boots)

First fall lookbook post, exciting! Even though summer is over which means you gotta pay for coat check when you go out to the bars (booo) I do like wearing plaid. Plaid... How stereotypical of a Canadian style blogger am I!? And yes, I have one of those raccoon hats with a tail as well, that's for another day :)

The Pillow Boots in the picture below is a gift from Cougar Boots. They are made of leather and have the infamous red lining on the inside. When I put my feet into these leather boots I felt like I was walking on clouds- really, That’s how comfortable they are! With these boots being able to stand down to minus 24 degrees I think my feet is properly equipped this year- No more buying those self heating pads at Costco and putting them in regular boots!

Shoes: Cougar Pillow Boots
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Plaid flannel shirt: Aritzia
Shirt: Zara