October 25, 2011

Cambridge Satchels Review: The Low Down

Surfing InStyle I came across the article “Cambridge Satchels: A New Celebrity Favorite!”. Favourite! Cambridge Satchels are getting increasing popular through Lookbook.nu and style blogs. They're the new Alexander Wang Coco Duffle. But then I quickly remember how I really feel about these satchels- And it’s not all puppies and bubble gum.

So I present you with my review of the Cambridge Satchel. Because like Fox Mulder from X Files, you want the truth, and it is out there if you Google, or visit my blog. I kid. Moving on...

The Visual 
The stiff and structured satchel will bring you an arm party and half. The 14" is large enough to carry a few magazines, an umbrella, wallet and other cosmetics you need. This, my friends, is the Mary Poppins bag of 2011.

14" Cambridge Satchel in pink, the red key is my car wash pass- thought I'd mention it because everyone asks me that.

The Material
The satchel is made of leather with a very smooth surface causing this to be VERY easily scratched. I accidently left something semi heavy on the satchel and even that made a minor dent to it. So forget about getting this bag if you are accident prone.

The Practicality 
The flaps and buckles actually serve the purpose of flaps and buckles. As in, you have to physically unbuckle the strap, take something out, and buckle it back up. By then you would have missed the incoming call, or instead of the mugger demanding for your wallet he would have impatiently stabbed you and taken your entire bag. FYI, Bruises heal but a missing bag will still remain missing.

It takes a good 7 seconds to unbuckle and open the bag- so no more taking spontaneous phone pictures

Customer Service
According to their website, Cambridge Satchel takes a month for the bag to be successfully delivered, but it took me a little over 2 months to receive it (and I had to cough up $40 for duty while the bag was only $165). During that time I got zero responses when I sent them my inquiries. Even type writer monkeys working for proverbial bananas would have responded in that amount of time, no?

The Cambridge Satchel is not practical and their customer service is equivalent of your d-bag ex that never returned your messages, but my affinity for leather bag still continues. If you want a practical bag, use a grocery bag. It's big, it’s water proof and it always looks like you got food- The mentioning of food serve no purpose for the review but I could use a sandwich right now. 

 {Pictures by Love K; Cambridge Satchel; gifted scarf from Berlin from Love K; Rock & Republic jeans; RW&CO blazer}