October 12, 2011

DIY: Detachable Collar

The collar trend is calling out everywhere this season, reminding us of sweet tea parties preppy dresses. And it totally make me want one. Yes, I’m that person who would crave a pizza after seeing a pizza commercial.

So being crafty, I decided to recreate my own collar instead of buying a collar shirt. It saves money and closet space as you can just attach it to an existing shirt. So you can wear the same shirt 2 days in a row- Ohh does that bring me back to my private school days.

Here are the steps:

1. Cut out your collar on paper. Measure your neck size and use a compass to draw the inner circle. Then draw the outer one depending on how thick you want your collar to be. I drew how I wanted my collar freehand but you can trace out an existing collar on one of your dress shirts for precision.

Option: I Cut my collar paper in half as I thought it would be easier to sew it later.

2. Take your fabrics, pin them to the collar template and cut them out.

3. Sew the fabric pieces together and don’t forget to attach a piece of black string on each end of the collar.

4. Sew the two half collars together and you are done!

Ta-Da! Have fun!