October 18, 2011

DIY: Frilly T Shirt Scarf

Scarves are a great alternative for those itchy turtlenecks to keep your neck warm. In this this post I am going to demonstrate the prospect of DIYing your own scarf out of an old t shirt. Eventually you will have so many scarves you will be the crazy scarf lady cuz it's so easy to do! But that’s okay, because your neck will be covered, and this is cheaper than drinking out of a flask to keep yourself warm. But you can thank me by buying me some whiskey anyways.

Here are the steps:

1. Get a old t shirt and a sharp pair of scissors. Time to say goodbye to your head Alice...

2. Cut the shirt from the armpit, and cut off the bottom seam.

3. Cut the shirt into frills in however long you want the frills to be, pull on the frills and tie a knot to the end.

And you are done! Did I not tell you that this is super easy to do!?

{jacket from Marciano; bag from Kate Spade; DIY scarf}