October 4, 2011

Lookbook: Drop The Back

Last week I received an e mail from Rachel Sin inviting me to wear one of her pieces for her show. It took me about two seconds to say yes and pick out the dress. When I got the Chloe dress, I thought “yea it's cute”. But then I put it on and then I thought: This is THE happening. I even received compliments from three gay guys that night. THREE! Like, you know it's good when!

So then a proposition came in my mind to start wearing this dress to glam up the unexpected, like to the grocery store, to work, and when I give birth. It’s an ugly sight when a woman gives birth with the screaming and baby coming out a place you never thought it's big enough for, so what better way to glam it up but with a Rachel Sin dress? And yes, I might get sent home if I wear this to work, OR I might get a big fat raise. Gosh, the glass is always empty with you people isn't it?

The pictures were taken at Blackbook's Media lounge by Angie

Dress: Rachel Sin
Leather Clutch: Demu Label