October 24, 2011

Masquerade For One

Seeing I haven’t experienced a sober Halloween for a while, I may not be the Halloween expert. But I can offer you one Halloween advice: This is the only night of the year where you can be whatever you want without being judged. So show off your inner freak show you munchkin.

Seen here is myself at my own masquerade (it's that exclusive) with the help of from La Vie en Rose. I've worn the lustre dress many times with everything from kimono cardigans to boyfriend blazers. But adding a mask and some lace gloves vola comes a Halloween costume. As for the flapper dress, you can dress up as one of those, or wear it on a regular night with a knitter sweater and cute wedges. No one would know it was a costume. See? The possibilities of integrating costumes to everyday pieces and vice versa is endless! 

So visit La Vie en Rose for some Halloween ideas and have fun being whoever you want to be. I won't judge- unless you powder yourself white and dangle a baby off your balcony. 

flapper dress from La Vie en Rose, vintage fur shaw

Sequins and Feathers Bandana from La Vie en Rose, necklace from Forever 21

Dress from Lustre, mask from La Vie en Rose