October 10, 2011

The Olsen Twin’s $39,000 Backpack Is Sold Out

I don't judge how people spend their money as I’ve often spend money on ridiculous things such as overpriced craft fair tickets at the US Ambassador’s house just so I can say that I’ve used their bathroom. But what type of people would buy the Olsen Twin’s $39,000 handbag and so much that it is sold out during time of recession?! As WWD reports:

Ashley Olsen said the label was rushing to keep up with demand for its much-publicized alligator backpack, which comes with an eye-watering $39,000 price tag. “It was the first thing that sold off the shelf,” she said, noting that extreme luxury tends to perform well during uncertain economic times. 

$39,000 for some creature hanging around since the dinosaur times that even the ice age couldn’t get rid of? At least spend $39,000 on a Hermes limited trick, or on something totally exotic like a bag made of baby albino dolphin skinned under a lunar eclipse by a Rastafarian.

And if you really want a bag designed by MK and Ashley you could have gotten one for $20 when they had their line at Zellers, damn that inflation’s a bitch. Below are some pictures of the Olsen's luxury bag line via Refinery 29.