October 3, 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week Candids

Here are some candids from Ottawa Fashion Week from front to backstage. It's cool, I got it all covered minus the bathroom. All the running around and snooping was done for the sake of blog, as I lurked around taking shots. Good thing I'm a small Asian girl and not a 300 pound dude huh?

And in case you noticed my multiple outfits- these pictures were taken over a span of 3 days. So no, I'm not some attention craving loser who perform multiple outfit changes in the same event on the same night. I also like Pingles and think the Ottawa Senators will do well this season- since we're on the topic of me sharing things about myself.

Sarah from BHBB and I wearing Rachel Sin for Rachel's show

The ladies at Capital Oh with their accessories

Sincerely Sabrina with her arm candies in the photographer pit

TEETH CHECK! This photo may or may not be sponsored by Crest ;)

Models backstage at the Ralph Leroy show