October 2, 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week S/S 2012 Pt2

Part two of Ottawa Fashion Week. As much fun as OFW is, I can't wait for tonight when I will be in bed by 9:30pm. While it is not a bad thing to loose sleep to fashion as I dream about Matthew McConaughey approaching me with a Louis Vuitton on a silver platter on regular basis- "Oh baby, bring it to me!" I would say. But this isn't the time to talk about sleep and dreams. So let's move on to the second portion of OFW with light fabric, floral prints and all that fun spring stuff.

I love this Rachel Sin blazer and its ruffle glory

Rachel Sin with Herieth Paul and her spring collection

Edit by Jeanne Beker. While Jeanne's collection is plain and is caters to soccer moms (or hockey, or in my Asian case, be "piano moms"), I do like the pants Helena is wearing above.

Those earrings from Nu.| will grab anyone's attention, I sense a Pop Champagne inspired DIY coming

I fell in love with this Samuel Dong cupcake dress and its drape sleeves.

Though I'm freaked out by real butterflies I do love it on prints like this Samuel Dong dress. With the structured collar and detailed buttons I think I can live with starring at a few flapping bugs.

This DeMOYO top was one of my favorite piece. With the loud ruffles and the tight waist hellooo glass figure without having to wear a body enhancer.


  1. this is so cool, lovin all the dresses.


  2. Looks like they were amazing shows! Love all of the pieces! xoxo


  3. stunning! you are so freaking lucky you to have attended these =) not to mention your pictures are amazing. i'm loving rachel sin's line, the colors the structures everything

  4. i really enjoyed quite a few of these shows, cant wait to put up my pictures... been so busy >.<

  5. Love your coverage. OFW always leaves me wanting to buy more clothes.

  6. Great propositions! I really liked Rachel Sin´s collection, beautiful...haha I can´t wait to see your DIY on those earrings!

    The Black Label

  7. Those earrings remind me of drapes. Hahah!

    Greats photos again. :D

  8. cupcake dress & DeMOYO top, LOOOVE

    "piano mom" LOL - too funny!

  9. The soft colors and ruffles are some of my favorite trends. The cupcake dress is perfect for any girly girl.

  10. You're so lucky that you get to go to all of these shows! When you make it to New York fashion week, bring me with you! :)

  11. The clothes look pretty good! It seems like OFW really stepped it up this year. :) And I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to a night where you get to go to bed early. I have events every night this coming week and big important work deadlines to boot.

  12. Love all of the outfits you snapped a photo with! That Samuel Dong dress is just so adorable, I love it! Haha... Oh yeah, I have a feeling I'll be a "piano mom" too or a "Wushu mom" when he time comes lol


    A Single Girl's Musings

  13. I'm so jealous :-) I love those dresses by Rachel Sin

  14. The butterfly dress from Samuel Dong was one of my favourites from his collection.