October 28, 2011

Pop Champagne With Ottawa Citizen

Look Ma! I'm In Paper! Indeed that is my face on the front page of Ottawa Citizen for Saturday, October 22nd, beside headline “Ottawa’s Top Fashion Bloggers”. It is on the same cover as death of Gadhafi, and I didn’t even have to get shot! I always thought the day I make front page on local newspaper would be the day I get wheeled away in a straitjacket so this is a definite pleasant surprise.

Special thanks to Joanne Laucius and Ottawa Citizen. Of course, thanks to everyone who has been supporting and reading Pop Champagne for the past 2 years- There would be no article without your support! Read about my Q&A for the Citizen below:

My favourite piece of fashion: A black well-tailored blazer will never lose its lustre. 

What I covet most: The Rolex my dad got me for graduation. But he could have got me a mug and I would have loved it as much. You can buy anything except sentimental values. 

Ottawa’s best-kept secret: Mafia Jewelry has some amazing statement accessories. Demü showroom is great because Angie, the designer for Demü Label, takes time to customize pieces the way you want them for no additional cost. You can’t get better customer service than that. 

What Ottawa needs now: I would love to see people wearing what they want to wear. If you love coloured pants, then get some really bright ones. If you love the Olsens’ effortless look, get the really loose sweater or exploit the messy bed hair. Of course, don’t try this at work. If you want to, don’t mention that I told you so, it will make me look bad. 

My last assignment: Putting together an outfit which features a piece designed by a Canadian designer for Flare.com. 

My inspiration: It ranges from traveling and experiencing different culture to good street style. I love it when a woman dresses for herself. You can feel the inspiration through the persona and the creativity of her outfit.

{Pictures by Justyna; Rebecca Minkoff bag; Urban Outfitters belt; Dress from Tokyo}