October 20, 2011

Some Eye Candy For You...

If you stare at these pictures long enough you will see how good of a tranny I can be. Welcome to the superficial post of you gazing into my colored eyes and purple wig. Sure, while those are artificial, they do make me feel pretty wicked while I lip synch to Tina Turner on my Ikea futon to my crowd of cushions. After all, where’s the fun when you don’t indulge and dress up once in a while?

Showing the lenses are from Eye Candy Lens as they have an extensive selection of contact lenses that can turn your eyeballs into all sorts of fun. Both pairs I got are really comfortable and go hours without my eyes being itchy. So go do your click thing. Then do your Tina Turner. Really. It’s fun.

Honey Brown from Princess Mimi series

Grey contacts from Neo Vision series, it's quite dramatic on the eyes