October 11, 2011

To The Moon And Back

Sleek silk blouse and short shorts has been one of my favorite combinations. I’m trying to get sick of wearing shorts and skirts as they will soon be in the back of my closet until next May. Boourns on the Ottawa weather. This galaxy blouse, though, will be one of my favorites until then. It was a gift from Justyna and has been my antidote for dreary work days with bold prints and the oh-so-nice fabric.

As for the title, Darren Hayes from Savage Garden made my pre-pubescent childhood all dreamy before he came out. Looking at my Savage Garden collage in my diary I don’t know why I didn’t see that with his skin tight leather pants and mesh shirts. Things you pick up as you get older huh?

{Shirt from BAIA- a gift from Justyna; Bag from Henri Bendel, Socks from Esprit}