October 19, 2011

Vogue Korea Does Gaga

Last night I was hating on my parents’ curtains until my dad said “I saw a print like that in your Vogues”. And after getting over the “Dad! You read my Vogues?!” and realizing that I haven’t lived there for years resulting in the lack thereof for him to snoop... I dawned that you know what, Tacky is just one neighbor away from innovative. Mmmm hmm I said it...

Take this beautiful Vogue Korea editorial as an example- You can’t help but notice the plentiful zest to the Gaga dresser uppers. But take away the wig and the Dior and Agent Provocateur attire in the picture above- and you’re left 3 pairs of Snooki sunglasses. Those models better take them off before they have to explain to their gynecologist how those glasses gave them eyeball STDs. But you have to give serious kudos to Vogue for their ability to glam up the unexpected!