November 2, 2011

DIY: Cosmic Print On Shoes

Over the weekend I addressed my artstic and Jeffrey Campbells itch by painting my boots like the Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic Litas. The task fulfilled my craving of buying the actual shoes and as a result saved me $200… So I spent it by buying another pair of Jeffrey Campbell and will be eyeing the mail man like he’s my lost love for the next week or two.

Now before you point out the flaw in my logic, let’s just enjoy my DIY Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic print on my old boots…

Here are the steps 

1. Get yourself a pair of old shoes, acrylic paint (I got red, white, metallic silver and blue), a brush and a few sponges.

2. Paint your shoes with a brush and vary the shades of the paint as you apply it on. Don’t worry about blending the shades evenly as that won’t look like the cosmic print.

3. After the coat is dry, dab additional paint on with a sponge. Start with the darker colors and work your way to white. Make it spontaneous and don’t be afraid of the random bursts of paint.

4. Carefully dab white paint on like the stars with a pointed brush.
Steps 2 to 4 shown in the pictures above.

5. Spray some glaze on the shoes after the paint has dried to protect the paint. I used Deco Art's Triple Thick Glaze Lustre.
Make sure you spray it outside as the smell can be overwhelming.

And here is the final result! I now love my boots 10 times more than before.

{Photos of me by Justyna; Louis Vuitton bag; DIY Cosmic print boots; Zara pants}