November 21, 2011

DIY: Cut It Short

A few weeks ago I went thrift shopping and found what looks like a leftover costume piece. Perhaps someone dressed up like a wax candle on Hanukkah with this skirt? Regardless, my tingles told me it had DIY potential so I bought it.

As I have said before, skirts can always be shorter and the mess can always be messier. Like this skirt and Turbo's diarrhea (in which I will spare you a picture of) as examples.

Before: This skirt was $3.99 at the thrift store, look at how excited I was with my Walmart socks

cutting the skirt shorter then sewing it

Here is the skirt after the alteration. I'm definitely going to wear this over the holidays! The bracelet and earrings are a special gift from Quoise- a Toronto based jewelry company that thrive to create afforable jewelry. I love the bracelet!

I know, lately my hands want to be like the witch with the red apple, or perhaps I was counting invisible change.

{Banana Republic trench coat, Rebecca Minkoff bag, DIY skirt, Quoise bracelet & earrings}