November 30, 2011

DIY: Fringe Necklace

I was totally going to get this Martin Margiela necklace but then I decided to make my own. The first reason is because I can, and the second reason is because it's nice to make your own things.

Fashion and food always prompt me to know if I can make it myself. I mean, being Taiwanese, have you used a Chinese restaurant's bathroom?! How can you have an appetite after pissing in what looks like a scene from the movie "Hostel" while smelling mummified skunk bathroom air? So it pays if you  make your own food and jewelry, I tell ya!

Here are the steps:

1. Get a gold chain with hoops big enough to fit the two suede cords through.

2. Cut the suede into pieces in various lengths (mine is about half an inch difference). Cut two of each length as you want your necklace to be symmetrical. I used 2 different colors but feel free to just use one or more.
Tip: if you got your suede wrapped up like mine, use an iron to flatter them

3. Start from the very middle- fold the suede cord in half, put it through a chain hoop, then hoop the cord through the suede hoop. Pull and tighten. Do this for every chain hoop until you feel there's enough fringes.

4. Trim the suede cords to make it the V shape if you have to.

4. (Optional) Crimp a suede string onto each end of the chain if your chain isn't long enough.

And here you have it- A statement necklace that doesn't require extensive jewelry craftsmanship. Now go work on your fried rice dish, okla?

{Pictures taken by Justyna; vintage sweater, DIY fringe necklace, shoes from Taipei}