November 9, 2011

DIY: Tarina Tarantino Sugar Skulls Inspired

While Halloween is over, I’m still indulging in leftover chocolates and loving all things skulls. And while I generally throw away decorations after the festivities are over, I did find a use for the plastic skulls that I hung on my door for the trick or treaters.

Not too long ago Tarina Tarantino debuted her "sugar skulls" collection. As you can imagine, I went bonkers and my eyes were all bulgy. Although I couldn’t bare spending $83 on a plastic charm bracelet I often browsed her site just starring at the sugar skulls... And now I have all the equipments to make one! Eureka!

Here are the steps 

1. Get a few skull heads with holes through the top of the skull. You can also drill the holes through the plastic skull with a nail and hammer.
This was $1 from the Dollar Store.

2. Paint them in whatever color with acrylic paint. Let them dry. Then spray paint the Deco Art Glossy Finish for the shiny finish.
 I let it dry over night. And as for the pink- I tried painting them pink prior and I didn't like how it looked.

3. String the skulls and the beads. Alternate between skulls and beads.

4. (Optional) Use a glue gun and glue some rhinestones into the skull’s eyes.

... and nothing is more comforting than looking down at your arm to see a bunch of skulls with shiny eyes smiling back at you. I smile at them back.