November 6, 2011

Hana Air With Misikko

A few months ago my blow dryer caught on fire- and I'm not fabricating this story. The extended version goes like this: I finished showering and was blowing my hair. I saw flames coming out of my hair dryer and I freaked out, threw the dryer in the sink, unplugged it with a cloth and flapped around until the flames died. It was like Satan possessed my blow dryer. That was the moment I learned not to cheap out on blow dryers.

So it was a good thing when Misikko contacted me offering a Hana Air hair dryer. Unlike my previous hair dryer (RIP) this one was voted one of the best dryers and comes with infrared ionic heat and three different heat settings. My hair felt softer with no static clings and it took a lot less time to dry. So wah-lah! Watch me while I fling my hair around like those commercials on TV: Easy, Breasy, Beautiful, No Flames Hair!

So go check out Misikko, unless you are committed to having Satan set your hair stuff on fire. 

{Hana blow dryer with Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant}