November 23, 2011

She Wolf

Excuse me while I skin Twilight's Jacob Black and wear him on my head. That's okay though, he was whiny in Breaking Dawn like an Adele song on repeat and creepy with the "I'll love your child Bella because you won't love me".

The stretch corduroy pants are from Unionbay and they get more comfortable with each wash. Initially it was difficult to button up the pants. But eventually I got on the pants after stomach sucking with cries from the crotch as it was getting strangled- I'm a fighter not a quitter!

And if you would like a pair of these Unionbay pants (they're comfortable after you break them in, trust me) do the following:

- Comment below on whether Edward Cullen is a: a. Fairy b. Vampire c. What the heck is a Edward?
- Give me a form of contact in your comment below (twitter login or e mail address)
- Be a follower of Pop Champagne on Bloglovin' or google
- Like Unionbay on facebook or follow them on Twitter @Unionbay

Contest will end this Friday, November 25th. Winner will be announced on my Twitter @popcblog shortly after. So enter, eat rice and good luck!

{Spirit Hood in Wolf, Bebe leather jacket, DIY tick boots, '05 U2 concert tee, Unionbay corduroy}