December 12, 2011

DIY: Christmas Paper Ornaments

Perhaps it's the name of my blog that people think I drink a lot and so I often receive liquor as gifts. In reality, I'm usually the one driving and so under the blue moon when I do drink all it takes is a quarter of a bottle of wine before I get... really happy.

So in this post I'm going to convert my gifted liquor bags into Christmas ornaments. Because this saves on seasonal decorations which results in having more cash for purses and shoes. Dear Lady Dior, I'm $8 closer to you now!

Here are the steps

1. You will need a few gift bags with cool prints, some tacs, and scotch tape

2. Cut the bags into strips of various lengths but keep them all the same width. Keep in mind each ball require 7-8 strips of equal length.

3. Stick a tac through each strip until all 7 strips are on, bend the tac. Do it for both ends of the strip.

4. Fan out the strips evenly. When your ball looks good, tape the tac down from the inside to secure the ball.

And after doing these steps a few times you have a whole bowl of Christmas ornaments for the price of almost nothing! My favorite form of DIY!