December 21, 2011

DIY: Ostrich Feather Earrings

Remember the feather headpiece I wore for Halloween? Well it fell apart after I woke up the next day- one of the feathers went south... So over the weekend weekend I converted the headpiece to earrings!

I may have used the piece for Halloween, and now these earrings will work for NYE. Both nights are celebrations, and considering how girls now dress for Halloween it's no different than NYE but with an extra cat tail or bunny ears.

Here are the steps

1. You will need 2 ostrich feathers, 2 strands of rhinestone (I used my old bracelets), earring hooks and clamps.

2. Use a clamper and attach the metal clamps to the end of the feather. Then attach the earring hooks onto the metal clamp.

3. Use a glue gun and glue the rhinestone strand on top of the feather where the metal clamp is.

And now you got some feathered friends on your ears. And next year for Halloween you can totally get away with just wearing something slutty, point to those earrings and say "Duh, I'm an ostrich"- recycle and reuse!

{Photos by Justyna; Wearing vintage sweater, American Apparel leggings, Michael Kors bag, DIY earrings}