December 8, 2011

DIY: Fringe And Chain Necklace

I know I just made a fringe necklace, but when I like something, I do it over and over. Like putting a song on repeat for weeks at a time or going on the roller coaster in Sea World until I had a date with the public toilet.

So here is another fringe necklace! I got the idea from the Cavern seed bead fringe necklace. And when you like something but you ain't got it, DIY it until you do!

Here are the Steps:

1. You would need fringe lining, chains, hoops, and thread & needle for this DIY.

2. Sew a knot to combine the fringe ends. I sewed the knot about 7 inches from the neck.

3. Combine a few chains onto a hoop

4. Sew the hoop onto the fringe around where you want it. I sewed mine so it ends on my upper shoulder.

Another easy DIY! Thought I'd show this necklace on this mini bustier I bought last week. I love it!

{Pictures of me taken by Justyna; wearing Zara blazer, Chinese Laundry boots, DIY fringe and chain necklace}