December 14, 2011

DIY: Place Mat Shape Necklace

I normally dress relatively simple so statement necklaces are a great way to Orlando Bloom my outfit. I mean Orlando Bloom in Lord Of The Rings, not Orlando Bloom with a dirty stash- You know exactly that I'm talking about.

So here's a statement necklace I made out of a place mat. Who needs an Orlando Bloom (or any guy for that matter) when you can always do it yourself?! That, is a statement and a euphemism. Fashion is so satirical.

Here are the steps

1. You will need a place mat, glue gun, scissors, a coiled wire necklace, and some chains (optional). Cut the placemat into various (but similar) widths.
Tip: Get a thicker place mat, you want the decorations to have some weight so it doesn't look flimsy.

2. Cut the strips into two different lengths as shown below. Don't worry that the widths are slightly different, it adds to the uneven charm.

3. Glue the strips onto a coiled wire necklace.

4. You can leave it onto the existing coiled wired necklace as the final project. For me I cut the wired necklace, clamp it and attached it to a gold chain.

Here is the final product of the necklace! It's an easy statement piece and the place mat was only $3. Another cheap and easy DIY!

{Wearing Urban Outfitters pants, Kania cardigan, DIY necklace, Miu Miu sunglasses}