December 13, 2011

Inside My Bedroom

{In the post: Ikea Henny Cirkel duvet and pillow covers, Jubla candles, Hederlig wine glass, glass bowl and vase, 
Odby picture frame- special thanks to Madeleine and folks at the Ikea launch party}

I've been decorating my bedroom for over 2 years now. It has taken me a long time since I usually only buy sale items unless I really love something. Thankfully the newly renovated Ikea here in Ottawa offer furniture to home accessories that finally pushed me to finishing my bedroom, with some Swedish meatballs break in between. By the way, to walk through the new Ikea is a total of 1.3 km. I know, shopping should be on TSN.

And not to have you worry, I've put my gimp suit and vials of blood away for the sake of these photos. But I'll have you know I wore them when I took these pictures. Bazinga.