January 25, 2012

DIY: Silver Metallic Jeans

One would think metallic cease to exist after the holidays, but it’s still quite alive and kicking. I first saw a pair of cool Acne metallic jeans for $110, which is a good chunk of change. Seeing I’ve been a bad person who spends and spends with all the current sales, I took the liberty to DIY a pair of old pants into a metallic goodness.

Here are the steps: 

1. You would need an old pair of grey or black jeans, silver/gold, white and black metallic fabric paint, clear varnish, and a sponge brush.

2. Start painting with the silver paint. The paint does not need to be evenly distributed and cover all of the surface area as uneven blotches is part of the charm.

3. Blend the silver with black and white paint. Paint on top of the first silver coat. Use vertical strokes and try to blend the colors together.
Note: Spray clear varnish on the pants and let it dry for 24 hours after you finish painting for extra protection.

Minus the cost of the pants, the project cost me $10 and leaves me with a potential $100 I saved… which possibly translate a trip to the mall? yayaya.

 {Pics taken by LoveK; Wearing DIY metallic pants, Alexander Wang jacket, Isabel Marant booties}