February 28, 2012

DIY: Triangular Hand Harness

I've always loved the hand harness but I can never find one that properly fits me... So I made my own! People say you can accomplish a lot when you put your mind into it, but I say you can accomplish even more when your boyfriend is out of town.

Here Are The Steps

1. You would need some chains, open rings, and the usual jewelry- making tools.

2. Measure and cut out a piece of chain to fit around your wrist and a piece to go on your back hand around the middle finger.

3. Start attaching chains onto the piece with open rings. This would be easier if you have someone (with your hand size) sit there while you attach and adjust the chains accordingly.

4. And you are done!

(Optional) Add a ring for your middle finger wonderment... Because if you're planning to flip a trick off at the bar and sashay out of there, then at least do it in a stylish way.
{Photos by LoveK; wearing Alexander Wang sunglasses, Le Chateau ring, DIY hand harness}