February 19, 2012

Lovely Details

Rachel Sin always make classic wear with a twist- I love the folds on the top and the disco pants

The fishtail braids and the frilly scarf (from Y!D.N.A. Collection) are friggin amazing

Isn't she such a doll?! ElizBourk's collection is just too cute

FrAsh's pieces are always cool with stones and gems, and I really want to know how those feathers stayed on

I'm kind of obsessed with cosmic print and Obi belts so naturally I had to post this outfit by Turbine

Some details on the runways of Ottawa Fashion Week. It's funny, I get smoked often for not reading the whole e mail or invitation (like showing up in color to a black & white party) but it's a different story when it comes to looking at clothes and accessories.

But in my defense, reading your cable bill is so depressing when you see that you're paying $60 for a bunch of channels that play re-runs all day.