March 29, 2012

The Cub

{Photos by Dominic Wong}

I was looking through my old hard drive and found one of my first ever photo shoots I did back in 2004, crazy! After participating in Faces West in 04, in which all of the modeling agencies said: "pretty eyes, but 2 inches too short", I moped for a few weeks but got back up and started doing freelance modeling for local shows, motion pictures and photoshoots. Through it I learned how to apply make up, pose, photo composition down to how not to get screwed over negotiations... And now here I am!

Things were much more simple back then. Getting paid gigs over $100 was considered "jackpot" and I fell in love with a dude solely because he could play "Hanging By A Moment" on his guitar. And good thing it didn't work out else I'd probably be living in a trailer frying catfish for my bastard kids right now- dodged a bullet!