March 14, 2012

DIY: Burberry Prorsum Beaded Sandals

A few months ago I received a request from Rebecca to DIY some Burberry Prorsum beaded heels, and here is my version of the beaded goodness. I wasn't very inspired to do them back in the fall as it's not like you can wear open toe shoes here after October, but as it's getting warmer I'm back to being inspired.

Here are the steps:

1. You can either buy the colored beads or paint your own. I chose to paint my own because I had faux pearls from the Dollar Store lying around.

2. Paint the heel orange. You can either paint multiple orange layers on, or paint the heel with a base coat of white paint first.

3. Strand the beads with jewelry wire. Make make two strands for every length for each shoe.

4. String the beads from longest to shortest and attach them to a jump ring on each side. Sew the jump rings onto the shoe.

5. Spray protective varnish over the beads and the heel and you're done.

I love these so much more than the original. And orange just makes it pop, don't you think?! By the way, don't hesitate to e mail me if you got any DIY requests, questions, or if you want to gnaw at your bad dream... And if I can't help I'll compensate to act like this when I read them.