March 21, 2012

DIY: Distressed Jeans

I've had this pair of jeans since first year University and though it holds memories with all sorts of ooohs and awwws... but I'm pretty bored with it. With distressed jeans being popular again I thought I'd DIY them myself. And contrary to popular belief a cheese grater will not create distressed threads, it will just make holes in your pants like you're a homeless person. So read on...

Here are the steps

1. Find a pair of jeans to distress. It's better to use actual denim instead of stretchy polyester/denim for this.

2. Cut two horizontal stripes and start pulling out the vertical threads in between.

3. Cut different horizontal lengths to get the uneven distressed look.

And you have your own pair of distressed denim! You can also try throwing the jeans in the wash after making the horizontal cuts instead of tweezing the threads out. I've never tried it myself but heard that works too.
{Photos by Pom, wearing DIY distressed jeans, Zara tank and BCBGeneration stripe blazer}