March 27, 2012

DIY: Metal Frame Collar Blouse

I have an unhealthy blouse collection. I love blouses, and every season they come up with a slightly different looking blouse trend that makes me buy buy buy. One season is solid color, then it's ombre, then it's studded collar, then it's sheer... omg it never stops.

As I love the metal framed collar blouse, it's really just a regular blouse with two pieces of metal... So I stopped myself of buying one and decided to update one of my existing boring blouse... With a cookie tray! 

Here are the steps:

1. Cut 2 squares from your cookie tray with industrial scissors. The reason I used the cookie tray is because the metal is soft enough to bend and it won't rust.

2. Cut a slit on the rectangle piece.

3. Bend the rectangle over the end of the collar. Use a hammer to pound it in tact. Make sure you put a towel in between so you don't dent the metal.

5. And you are done!

The cookie tray was ruined after this DIY but now I can re-love my old blouse while save money on a new one. Besides, cookies aren't healthy for you anyways :)
{Photos by Travis; wearing DIY collar blouse, Coach aviators, American Eagle sequin sneakers}