March 8, 2012

DIY: Rachel Roy Inspired Necklace

Whenever I go over to Chameleonic's I usually peak inside her closet (I'm only a peeper because she has a lot of cool stuff) and on the way out I would touch her Rachel Roy necklace. I love it so much but it's just too bad that the necklace is few seasons old so I can't buy it... So I made my own version of it!

Here are the steps:

1. You would need a thick gold chain, wires, various stone beads and the usual jewelry making tools.

2. Cut the gold chain in various lengths, wire the beads and use them to connect the chains.

3. Use different beads to connect the chains. The chains don't have to be the same lengths as the uneven lengths add to the charm.

4. Connect the tips with the cat eye tooth stone and you're done!

I love how versatile this necklace can be, and hey ma, it dangles around my neck with no clasp!
{Photos by LoveK; wearing Modcloth two tone jacket, Rock & Republic by Victoria Beckham jeans}