March 6, 2012

DIY: Ribbons and Charms Dream Catcher

I received this plastic ring when Target surprised me with the Jason Wu cat scarf. For some reason (perhaps the hoarder inside me) I was drawn to it. I kept it on my desk thinking I could make something out of it. Weeks past and then a few days ago I saw a dream catcher on Oh The Lovely Things and the plastic ring has finally fulfilled its serendipitous duty. Yay!

Here are the steps:

1. Here are the supplies I used plus a glue gun.

2. Wrap the ring in white ribbon.

4. Wrap the black ribbon around the ring. Glue the ribbon down to secure it on the ring.

5. Find some charms, beads and feathers and tie them on the ring.

And now I have a dream catcher made of the Target scarf ring! So the moral of the story is hoarding is good... Until TLC finds a dead animal in your pile of stuff when they film your segment for Hoarding: Buried Alive. Then it's frowned upon. But until then- keep hoarding.