March 11, 2012

Hey Baby What's Your Sign

{Pictures via Behance & Honestly... Wtf }

I'm an Aries and my sister Patti is a Cancer. I believe the underlining personality of my horoscope while Patti says reading those per-determined things will only limit your potential. Patti has a point, but once I make up my mind it's very hard to change it... And she always get defensive over my stubbornness. Conventionally we exhibit typical Aries and Cancer traits in this scenario- Just don't tell her that [I'm right]. Ha!

Whether you believe in horoscope it's still fun to read them while you're waiting for the dentist... As well ooh over these stylish zodiac signs above. Don't you think?  

Do you believe in horoscopes?


  1. i saw this when you introduced it on twitter and i absolutely adore them.
    i am an Aries, too!
    i don't really believe in horoscopes but people do think i am like an Aries whatever that means. ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    I used to read them, but I don't do it anymore.
    The drawings are cute :)


  3. These are really cute! I'm a Cancer like your sister too. She brings up a good point, but my personality traits have always been like those of Cancers even before I started reading horoscopes. I think after reading them though, it only reinforces those traits even more.

  4. Cute horoscope art :)
    I'm a saggitarius, and when I read my horoscope
    there are some part I agree on.

    I don't believe those daily one, the one in
    newspaper cuz those are just to lame haha


  5. These are so cute! I totally believe in horoscope. I'm Gemini & yes, there's 2 of me :)


  6. I sometimes believe in the horoscope but always like to read them, even if it it to laugh a little at the things it says :)


  7. Cute illustrations! Yes I believe in horoscopes. I'm a Libra and I can never make up my mind. Ever!

  8. Which one is the sagittarius? O_Ô I can't find it. lol. I wasn't really into signs and shit until my friend at uni started talking about how I was SUCH a sag. LOL

  9. I have the happy bunny horoscope book. That is the only horoscope I live by.


  10. fun illustrations. i like reading horoscopes, but I don't take them too seriously. it's mostly for entertainment purposes.

  11. I like reading horoscopes too;)
    I'm Gemini!
    Have a good start of week:)

  12. Thanks for your comment.
    I think that if they influence daily life.(jeje..)
    follow me.

  13. My sign is cancer like your sister. I don't follow signs but the illustrations are beautiful.

  14. these are cute! I'm an Arian as well!


  15. The Libra image is interesting. Usually the sign is depicted as a pair of balancing scales, but having the girl stand on a ball depicts the idea of balance just as well. :)

    Hmm I'm a Libra, but some parts of the Libra sign's characteristics don't jibe with my personality very well. Libras are supposed to be somewhat impractical and indecisive, but I'm pretty pragmatic and detail-oriented, and when I make up my mind to do something, I do it. I must have some Virgo traits in me too (not surprising considering I'm kind of on the cusp of both signs).

  16. Awww these are too cute!! I dont believe in horoscop,e i never read them anymore simply because there are other things better to to read in a magazine! haha

  17. which one is sagitarrius? that's me

  18. Where did my comment go??? :(

    Descriptions of my sign (pisces) are usually more accurate than I like to admit. It's always fun to check them out. Is that pisces in the lower right corner?

  19. I love reading my horoscope but always take things with a pinch of salt. Though i think i display very many virgo traits.

  20. i totally agree. i don't really believe on horoscopes but it's fun and exciting to read them. =) i haven't read horoscopes for a while now.

  21. I'm a Sag! Some days i think my horoscope is spot on, some day i'm like "huh?"

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  22. I love this soo much!!! Im libra!


    BTW I love the new look

  23. These are beautiful!! I only ever read mine as fun!! Sometimes they are nonsense, but sometimes they are a bit true of me. Have a great week x

  24. am I the only one who's a Taurus here? heheheh!

  25. and i have a scorpio crawling down my face. these illustrations are so adorable

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