April 5, 2012

Lemon Meringue

{Photos by Sabrina, wearing Vero Moda top, ASOS pants, Alexander Wang sunglasses, bracelets from Cambodia}

I got these pants from ASOS not too long ago. They were size UK 8 and they're slightly tight for me. Here I'm a size 2/4, those UK people sure have a way to make us feel big!

Tomorrow is Easter weekend so I'll be doing the real important stuff like harassing Turbo, dinning at the fine McDonalds, being on the phone with my dad while he lectures me to eat more fruit, or something. I've already come up with a drinking game where every time dad says "boyfriend" or "healthy" I'm going to take a shot of wine. Eventually my face will turn into a tomato and then it will be time for bed. Awesome. See you next week.