May 30, 2012

DIY: Fringe Net Tank

I saw this tank at Planet Blue a while ago and loved the style, so I decided to convert this tank dress into something like it. And then I bought Guitar Hero with the money saved. And I'm picking up a second guitar tonight because it's depressing when you play that game alone (it's an open invite if you want to play with me, come over!). And yes, the game is old. But your grandma's old, and you still spend time with her. So don't judge.

Here are the steps:

1. Cut the tank into even strips.

2. Divide the strips into pairs and knot them for the first tier.

3. Take a strip from each knot and knot those ones to create the second tier.

And so here's another easy DIY without using the sewing machine. Happy fringing!
{Photos by Justyna; wearing DIY fringe net tank, Snoozer Loser pendant necklace, ASOS metal cuffs, DIY ombre shorts}